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Re: Upgrading Sarge to Etch Pining apache 1.3 and php4

On 24/03/2008, Siju George <sgeorge.ml@gmail.com> wrote:

>  I have a Few Server running Apache 1.3 and PHP 4
>  Is it enough that I put in /etc/apt/preferences
>  Package: apache
>  Pin: version 1.3.*
>  Package: php4
>  Pin: version 4.*
>  and edit sarge from mt /etc/apt/source.list to put etch instead there after do
>  apt-get update
>  and
>  apt-get dist-upgrade

I'm not sure what your question is (didn't see that email) but if you
just want to upgrade to etch and stay with apache 1.3 & php 4, then
you can just go ahead and upgrade to etch without any pinning of
apache/php versions.
The apache 2.2 and php 5 packages in etch are called "apache2" and
"php5" and they will not automatically replace your "apache" (1.3) and
"php4" packages.

>  Anything else I need to keep in mind during the upgrade?

probably depends on what you are doing with it, but I don't think
anything will go wrong that you cannot fix with ssh.

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