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Complaint from Xfce[GNOME] and Debian Reference

Douglas & others,

dt> Does it[/etc/hosts] work?

Yes.  No problems evident.

dt> Read the debian-reference.

Yes, http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/reference/ch-gateway.en.html
and http://wiki.debian.org/DebianReference/Network
explain things not in "man hosts".  

In particular, I was on the wrong track about 
the complaint from Xfce[GNOME].  resolvconf 
doesn't settle it.  In addition to the first line 
" ..." I need 
" joule.petershouse.invalid joule".
Actually the html document doesn't mention the 
<domain_name> but the wiki does.  So the wiki 
document is the best authority here.

dt> Do you have any firewall doing network address translation?  If you want
fire-and-forget just use ipmasq, if you want to really understand it use
shorewall after reading shorewall-doc.

ipmasq has been running on joule for a few years 
and even on the 486 predecessor.  shorewall will 
run first on one of two almost identical 
machines.  If I make a real snarl on the shorewall 
machine, the sister machine can substitute until 
the problem is solved.

dt> What about supplying DNS services to your network?  The easiest is to
install dnsmasq.

The subordinate systems refer to upstream dns 
servers with static addresses.  dnsmasq works 
on another linux router which I just gave to 
a brother.

dt> I don't know what this line
[Desktops.OpenDoc  http://carnot.yi.org/] is for.

The message "signature".  OK, I've demarcated 
it better.

Thanks,        ... Peter E.

========Epilogue or Signature========
Desktops.OpenDoc  http://carnot.yi.org/

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