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Re: [OT] Naming Schemes

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Richard Lyons wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 05, 2008 at 02:09:34PM +1100, Rich Healey wrote:
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>> Owen Townend wrote:
>>>   Staying off-topic :)
>>>   Naming schemes wise - Good idea with the bond girls.
>>>   My VM names are all coffee related:  arabica dusting froth platter mocha
> [...] 
>>>   A customer site I visited had their servers named after greek gods, and
> [...]
>>>   It's always amusing walking into a new site and discovering their naming
> [...]
>> 	I've been through a few naming schemes, greek gods is good, but common
>> (i used to be a network analyst, if i had a dollar for each "zeus" i've
>> seen....)
>> I like bond girls, some cool names out there (though i was just
>> discussing with a mate that many are not really usable, however funny,
>> this new box will be public routable, i don't think pussy.psychotik.info
> Miaow, why not?
> But a name can be a snare and a delusion:  we had another
> quasi-classical name, atticus, so called because it was located in the
> attic.  Then we moved house and it was relocated under the stairs...
> And I had my office in the potting-shed for a time, so my very
> odd-looking skeletal tower box, with bits bolted on in all directions,
> was named potty.  But it soon moved indoors and got a new case so that
> name was out of date too.  And how much refitting is needed to justify a
> rename?  new processer, new case, new motherboard, new hard drives, but
> all at different times, so at which point should it be renamed?
> richard


Example is my Pentium MMX laptop, moved from debian testing to Gentoo
last night (still love debian, just decided i want a gentoo box). It was
named SmegMachine (i love red dward) but jumped on the chance to move it
into the new scheme. I think that solitaire (live and let die) works
particularly well.

I still have my webserver, named webserv.


Rich Healey
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