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Re: [OT] Laptop with Linux preinstalled

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Owen Townend wrote:
> On 3/5/08, Rich Healey <healey.rich@gmail.com> wrote:
> Kamaraju S Kusumanchi wrote:
>>>> Marc Shapiro wrote:
>>>>> My wife loves hers.  But be warned, DON'T spill liquid on the keyboard.
>>>>> My daughter accidentally spilled a glass of water, some of which (I
>>>>> don't know how much) hit the keyboard.
>>>> I have heard stories such as spilling milk, coffee on a laptop. IMHO
> having
>>>> any liquid near a computer is a potential fire hazard.
>>>> raju
> We all say that, but i rarely have a coffee or beer very far away from
> me if i'm coding late.
> Care is the name of the game, that or get an indestructible laptop, like
> my Pentium MMX beast (which while we're OT, needs renaming, my theme is
> bond girls.)
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> Hey,
>   Staying off-topic :)
>   Naming schemes wise - Good idea with the bond girls.
>   My VM names are all coffee related:  arabica dusting froth platter mocha
> spoon boiler decaf espresso grinder milk saucer
>   The rest of my physical boxes are all named after characters from books
> I've read.

>   A customer site I visited had their servers named after greek gods, and
> being the powerhouses they were I think that was fitting.
>   Thankfully they didn't have an Ate or Eris (mischief & discord
> respectively).

>   It's always amusing walking into a new site and discovering their naming
> scheme. Provided of course it's
> not logical (sydneydmz) or progressive (ws013cv41) or other similarly
> boring schemes.

> cheers,
> Owen.

	I've been through a few naming schemes, greek gods is good, but common
(i used to be a network analyst, if i had a dollar for each "zeus" i've

I like bond girls, some cool names out there (though i was just
discussing with a mate that many are not really usable, however funny,
this new box will be public routable, i don't think pussy.psychotik.info
(pussy golare) will go down too well....

I'm really interested to get teh larger screened variant of the eePC and
play, though it needs a cutsie name, what's the chick that works for
tiget in "live and let die" called? she'd be fitting.

I've also got a 286 called "M" (ha, judy dench jokes)


Rich Healey

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