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Re: [OT] Laptop with Linux preinstalled

On Wed, Mar 05, 2008 at 02:09:34PM +1100, Rich Healey wrote:
> I've also got a 286 called "M" (ha, judy dench jokes)

My P-II is called "rocky" because the CPU fan bearing makes the whole
box sound like a gravel truck...

My IBM 486 is called "reliant" since it has been going with no errors
for 15 years (its origional 540 MB drive finally died this year)...

My first network had two computers:  the 496 was "workstation" and the
P-75 in the crawl-space (file, email, fax,) was called "server".

When the P-75 was only a firewall, it was called "bulwark".  At that
time, the 486 was an rsync backup repository and called "keep".

I'll enjoy coming up with a new naming scheme for my loose cluster of
low-MHz boxes that will replace most of the functions of my Athlon64
"titan".  Perhaps the names of the seven dwarfs.  



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