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Re: [OT] Laptop with Linux preinstalled

On 3/5/08, Rich Healey <healey.rich@gmail.com> wrote:
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Kamaraju S Kusumanchi wrote:
> Marc Shapiro wrote:
>> My wife loves hers.  But be warned, DON'T spill liquid on the keyboard.
>> My daughter accidentally spilled a glass of water, some of which (I
>> don't know how much) hit the keyboard.
> I have heard stories such as spilling milk, coffee on a laptop. IMHO having
> any liquid near a computer is a potential fire hazard.
> raju

We all say that, but i rarely have a coffee or beer very far away from
me if i'm coding late.

Care is the name of the game, that or get an indestructible laptop, like
my Pentium MMX beast (which while we're OT, needs renaming, my theme is
bond girls.)
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  Staying off-topic :)  
  Naming schemes wise - Good idea with the bond girls.
  My VM names are all coffee related:  arabica dusting froth platter mocha spoon boiler decaf espresso grinder milk saucer
  The rest of my physical boxes are all named after characters from books I've read.

  A customer site I visited had their servers named after greek gods, and being the powerhouses they were I think that was fitting.
  Thankfully they didn't have an Ate or Eris (mischief & discord respectively).

  It's always amusing walking into a new site and discovering their naming scheme. Provided of course it's not logical (sydneydmz) or progressive (ws013cv41) or other similarly boring schemes.


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