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Re: vim + LaTeX (Was: What am I missing without mutt?)

marc <gmane@auxbuss.com>:
>  Micha said...
> > On Wed, 6 Feb 2008 19:11:32 -0000
> > > The reason I asked is that I write books yet haven't found anything to 
> > > match WinEdt, which is a Windows editor, for handling chapters and LaTeX 
> > 
> > Personally I work with either lyx or emacs + auctex, but you may want to have
> > a look at texmaker which is much more similar to winedt (and it has both linux
>  Thanks for the texmaker pointer. I had a look at it, but unfortunately - 
>  as did/does kile - it doesn't do realtime spell checking, and you can't 
>  add words to the dictionary; as a writing tool, those are serious 

Perhaps this is unfair, sorry, but if you're a serious writer, you
should not be relying on "realtime spell checking" tools.  They're not
up to it.  You need to learn to proof-read.  Expend a little effort
and time at it, and you'll end up with a far more satisfying result
than those dumb children can offer you.

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