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Re: What am I missing without mutt?

Dotan Cohen:
> As a thunderbird user, what am I missing by not using mutt? Teach me,
> if it's a better client than I'd love to learn it. I'm not afraid of
> the CLI, and I'm not afraid of VI[M].

- Ability to use your favourite editor for mail editing

- Complete and fast control via keyboard only

- Easy & fast usage via SSH

- Ability to edit mail headers

- Ability to change configuration parameters depending on recipient,
  mail folder and to run commands on certain events

- Ability to use custom spam and other filtering software

- Filtering mail content before viewing (to strip mailing list footers,
  decode HTML...)

- Mailing list support

- Support for various mailbox formats (mbox, gzipped mboxes, maildir,

- Non-interactive Command line usability

There's probably more. :)

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