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Re: mutt's IMAP support

Steve Lamb:
> Jochen Schulz wrote:
>> I am now seeing that mutt has a "trash" option which moves mail to a
>> designated trash folder instead of deleting from the server. I don't use
>> that, though. (Coincidentally, it appears to be buggy: #448241.)
>     And it is this that I was referring to since it is what matches 
> TBird's behavior of having a trash folder.

Ok, now I understand your complaint. If mutt's implementation of an IMAP
copy consists of fetching an old mail and storing it as a new mail in
another folder (instead of using server-side copy), that's quite
seriously broken. But as far as I can see, this only happens when using
the "trash" option (which is broken anyway, you cannot delete from the
trash folder).

But ok, I conclude there actually are flaws. I just don't happen to be
affected by them.

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