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Re: mutt's IMAP support

Jochen Schulz wrote:
I am now seeing that mutt has a "trash" option which moves mail to a
designated trash folder instead of deleting from the server. I don't use
that, though. (Coincidentally, it appears to be buggy: #448241.)

And it is this that I was referring to since it is what matches TBird's behavior of having a trash folder. I just did a test with mutt and TBird. What mutt does is download every message and then uploads it to the server in the new folder. One message at a time. So download message one, upload message one, download message 2, upload message 2. TBird marks the messages as read and, if I am not mistaken, issues a COPY command to the server and lets the server handle copying the messages from the mailbox to the trash.

The test involved mutt taking more time to "trash" 45 message than TBird to "trash" over 1600 messages. Yes, I am aware that the if I open the mailbox in mutt those messages are still present and only marked as deleted but at this point what matters is that I can go into the trash and see all 1600 messages in there. I can do so while mutt is still chugging away at its 45 messages.

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