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Re: vim + LaTeX (Was: What am I missing without mutt?)

marc <gmane@auxbuss.com> writes:

> Steve Lamb said...
>>     After you suggested using AbiWord I gave it a whirl.  At first glance it
>> seemed to work nicely but after 2-3 times I noticed that it was really
>> chugging on dealing with my document which was a mere 25 pages of prose
>> so far.  Unless I planned on breaking it up by chapters and figuring out
>> how to merge it all together later I didn't see AbiWord being able to
>> deal with the 300-600 pages I am shooting for.
> Ok, by a circuitous route, we've got to why I asked my earlier question.
> The reason I asked is that I write books yet haven't found anything to 
> match WinEdt, which is a Windows editor, for handling chapters and LaTeX 
> on Linux. In all other cases, I use vim.

You can try AUCTeX on Emacs. AFAIK it comes with Emacs 22 on Lenny. 

My experience with AUCTeX is better than WinEdt, with tools like
RefTeX etc, and also preview for formulas and headings. AUCTeX made me
to convert from LyX.

There is also a KDE LaTeX editor which I can't remember the name... It
looks somewhat like WinEdt, so much that I didn't further try to learn it.

Also on the original thread: why nobody mentioned Gnus as an
alternative to Thunderbird? It can do anything (from what you say)
mutt does, and also can show you attached images, wash HTML etc. ;)
(If you're not using it from shell, though.)

Yes, I'm a of member of Church of Emacs. ;)




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