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Re: maturedebs: sightly stable unstable

On Thu February 7 2008 01:14:40 Jochen Schulz wrote:
> Yes. :) It's just that the rules for a package to move from unstable to
> testing are quite tough. Which they should be, because every transition
> to testing might be the last one for a package before the release.

This is particularly a problem with the linux kernel and new hardware.
The latest linux-image in Testing is 2.6.22-3 which, aside from some
bug fixes, is based on 2.6.22 which was released seven months ago.

I can understand not updating Stable but the lack of migrations to Testing
means that we have to run bleeding edge Sid 2.6.24 kernels on nine-month
old production laptops (Thinkpad T61) which have been supported by the
kernel since 2.6.23 was released four months ago.  (We had been running
Sid 2.6.23 until recently but it was deleted from Sid without ever making
it into testing.)

--Mike Bird

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