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Re: Problems with apache2 and charsets

Le Wednesday 06 February 2008 23:45:34 Carles Pagès, vous avez écrit :
> Hello,
> My apache seems to ignore the charset meta data in the html files, so
> iso-8859-1 htmls are not properly displayed. If I store them in utf-8,
> then there is no problem, even if iso-8859-1 is specified in the meta
> headers.
> If I specify the default charset in the apache conf file to be
> iso-8859-1 then the iso pages are shown correctly but not utf-8 ones.
> So, does anyone know what could be causing this behaviour? I'm using
> apache2 in debian stable, if that helps.
> Thanks in advance.

UTF8 is a forced default in Debian's Apache2.
To make apache respect meta tags, comment that line :

gilles@guitare:~$ cat /etc/apache2/conf.d/charset
# Read the documentation before enabling AddDefaultCharset.
# In general, it is only a good idea if you know that all your files
# have this encoding. It will override any encoding given in the files
# in meta http-equiv or xml encoding tags.

#AddDefaultCharset UTF-8

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