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Re: vim + LaTeX

On 06 Feb 2008, Miles Bader wrote:
> Anthony Campbell <ac@acampbell.org.uk> writes:
> > Why has no one in this thread mentioned Lyx? I've just used it to
> > produce two books for Lulu and have found it good for that purpose.
> Last time I tried Lyx it crashed every 5 minutes even with fairly simple
> documents...
> "Texmacs" is kind of interesting though.
> [Though, to be honest, I really end up using latex most of the time
> anyway; I only use ooword for documents other people send me...]
> -Miles

It hasn't crashed on me once in the writing of two books. I've always
used plain latex in the past and still do for many purposes, but Lyx
made matters easier for the books. I'll have a  look at texmacs.


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