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Re: vim + LaTeX (Was: What am I missing without mutt?)

On Tue, Feb 05, 2008 at 11:29:40AM -0800, Steve Lamb wrote:
> Ron Johnson wrote:
> > Just out of curiosity: why OOo instead of AbiWord?
>     After you suggested using AbiWord I gave it a whirl.  At first glance it
> seemed to work nicely but after 2-3 times I noticed that it was really
> chugging on dealing with my document which was a mere 25 pages of prose
> so far.

Yeah, same here. It's probably been 2 years that I tried AbiWord, but my
main impression was just "sluggish". Very unresponsive. Although, in
principle, nobody can type or read as fast as the most lardy app can swallow
or choke up text, the "feel" just isn't right.

OOo is bog-slow when starting up (and it does nameserver lookups, WTF for? I
noticed recentyl when my NS was down), but after that it gets tolerable.

Still a snail when compared to M$ Office on the same machine.


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