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Re: vim + LaTeX

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On 02/05/08 18:11, Miles Bader wrote:
> Ron Johnson <ron.l.johnson@cox.net> writes:
>> Struggling to keep up with your typing?  Slow page reformatting as
>> you scroll?
> I've tried abiword many times over the years (mostly because it does
> seem so much more svelte and pretty than OO), but I always seem to end
> up going back to ooword....
> Usually abiword seems great at first, but then I slowly notice more and
> more weird behavior (typically wacky formatting of something that should
> be straightforward), and eventually it gets to the point where I
> uninstall it.  ooword is horribly bloated, ugly, and has quirks of its
> own, but so far it's always seemed to be more reliable and consistent
> than abiword (and it seems to support more of the weird crap people send
> you...).
> It's a shame, really, as abiword is a really nice _idea_...

Well thank the deities that with Debian there are alternatives just
an apt-get away!

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