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Re: vim + LaTeX

Ron Johnson <ron.l.johnson@cox.net> writes:
> Struggling to keep up with your typing?  Slow page reformatting as
> you scroll?

I've tried abiword many times over the years (mostly because it does
seem so much more svelte and pretty than OO), but I always seem to end
up going back to ooword....

Usually abiword seems great at first, but then I slowly notice more and
more weird behavior (typically wacky formatting of something that should
be straightforward), and eventually it gets to the point where I
uninstall it.  ooword is horribly bloated, ugly, and has quirks of its
own, but so far it's always seemed to be more reliable and consistent
than abiword (and it seems to support more of the weird crap people send

It's a shame, really, as abiword is a really nice _idea_...


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