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Re: vim + LaTeX (Was: What am I missing without mutt?)

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On 02/05/08 14:35, Steve Lamb wrote:
> Ron Johnson wrote:
>> Struggling to keep up with your typing?  Slow page reformatting as
>> you scroll?
>     Both.  There was a detectable pause after typing.  I could work around
> that as I'm no speed demon when it comes to typing.  However scrolling
> was dog slow.  Sometimes 2-3 seconds on a page down.  There might have
> been more but its been months since I gave it a whirl.  If you're
> interested I can reinstall and see what behaviors I find.

No, no.  Just curious.

(My home "office" needs are well satisfied by AbiWord & Gnumeric,
and OOo is such a beast, both to d/l and as a consumer of RAM, that
I purged it quite a number of months ago and haven't missed it yet.
 If there ever comes a time when I do need it, apt-get is just an
Alt-Tab away...)

>> PETA - People Eating Tasty Animals
>     You, sir, you rock!


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