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Re: [SOLVED] Re: stereo on mp3 playback

On Sun, Oct 07, 2007 at 07:08:37PM +0100, andy wrote:
> Hi
> Yes, the mp3s did play in stereo before. In any event, I rebooted and while 
> the machine was shutting down, I heard a "pop" sound from the left speaker 
> and upon reboot all is well.
> I don't know what happened, but suspect that it was perhaps a module not 
> loading properly in the kernel.

That word 'pop' awoke something. I recall that some speakers have a
automatic volume adjustment whereby if they get a sudden loud burst,
they stop the sound until being powered down. So maybe you have these
kind of speakers? Are they 'powered' or hooked up to a reciever?

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