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Re: PCIe Video and Open source 3D drivers

On 10/7/07, Wakko Warner <wakko@animx.eu.org> wrote:
> Please keep me CC'd, I've not subscribed to the list yet.
> I've been thinking about upgrading one of my computers but I've had
> difficulties figuring out if any PCIe video cards have open source 3D
> drivers.
> My current system is using an ATI FireGL X1 graphics card (R300 I think).
> I'm looking for a graphics card comparible or faster that is PCIe that open
> source 3D drivers are available.  I came across free3d.org but was unsure if
> the drivers are already available.  I read the X800 radeons were supported.
> According to some texts I've found, a FireGL V7100 has the X800 chip.
> Does anyone know if this will work?  I'm using SID on this machine.

If a card is supported, it shouldn't matter if it is AGP or PCIe, just as
with older cards, it does not matter if they are PCI or AGP.

I have not really heard anything about using FireGL cards, but if they
use the same chips as the consumer cards, I guess they should work.

http://dri.freedesktop.org/wiki/ATIRadeon is probably the best place
to see what is supported.

AMD recently began releasing specs for ATI cards, and is working
with Open Source devs to create good drivers for all modern ATI
card, but it will be a while before there are results for end users.


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