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Re: Converting sxw files to ps or pdfs

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On 10/05/07 11:11, Bill wrote:
> On Fri, 2007-05-10 at 10:07 -0500, Ron Johnson wrote:
>>>> AbiWord might be able to do what you want.
>>> No I checked. There is a difference between internal file formats
>>> and exportable or print-to-file formats. This secondary support
>>> can be applied only to one file at a time. It's a time consuming
>>> and error prone process when you're looking at a massive mail
>>> merge. You just know you're going to get 10-20% errors - typos,
>>> omissions, misnaming etc. <shudder>. 
>> Typos when running a mail merge??????????
> No not from the merge itself, automation is the way out of the 
> problem. The but I guarantee you if you had to load 500 .sxw 
> files one at a time, convert them and then print them to file 
> as .ps files you'd make mistakes. Hey try it at home. Count the
> clicks involved saving a single .sxw file as a postscript file.
> Sorry it defeats the entire purpose of a mail merge. It's like 
> flying across two continents first class in a 747 and then 
> crawling home from the airport on your hands and knees.

AbiWord has a CLI interface.  If it has the proper capabilities, a
simple bash script eliminates all your typos.  If the CLI is
inadequate to the task, a plugin might solve the problem.

Anyway, the AbiWord docs and mailing list is where you next need travel.

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