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Re: Converting sxw files to ps or pdfs

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On 10/05/07 01:30, Bill wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-04-10 at 11:53 -0500, Ron Johnson wrote:
>> On 10/04/07 11:27, Bill wrote:
>>> On Thu, 2007-04-10 at 06:33 -0500, Nate Bargmann wrote:
>>>> * Bill <bill3@uniserve.com> [2007 Oct 04 06:21 -0500]:
>>>>> Hi folks,
>>>>> I've got a problem with Open Office Writer. I've done a mail 
>>>>> merge that produces a ton of .sxw files. These need to be 
>>>>> faxed in bulk, but of course none of the fax programs can 
>>>>> handle bulk input. No prob. I wrote a looping script using efax 
>>>>> which uses ps/tiff input and that works. But I can't find a
>>>>> utility to convert OOo .swx files to ps. Any suggestions?
>>>>> I've googled my fingers off.
>>>> .sxw would be the old Star Office format files so modern tools would
>>>> probably work with .odt files which are Open Document Format (ODF). 
>>>> Other than opening the files in OOo and printing to a file. which
>>>> results in a .ps output, there doesn't seem to be an outside converter.
>>>> - Nate >>
>>>  Yes this is an older version of OO but like you say there 
>>> isn't an external filter such as pdf2ps. The problem though
>>> remains the same - bulk conversion - so the export to pdf and 
>>> print to file .ps options are useless because they're done one
>>> at a time. It would take me a week to get the job done.
>>> It's a definite shortcoming in OO. 
>> AbiWord might be able to do what you want.
> No I checked. There is a difference between internal file formats
> and exportable or print-to-file formats. This secondary support
> can be applied only to one file at a time. It's a time consuming
> and error prone process when you're looking at a massive mail
> merge. You just know you're going to get 10-20% errors - typos,
> omissions, misnaming etc. <shudder>. 

Typos when running a mail merge??????????

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