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Re: Converting sxw files to ps or pdfs

* Bill <bill3@uniserve.com> [2007 Oct 04 06:21 -0500]:
> Hi folks,
> I've got a problem with Open Office Writer. I've done a mail 
> merge that produces a ton of .sxw files. These need to be 
> faxed in bulk, but of course none of the fax programs can 
> handle bulk input. No prob. I wrote a looping script using efax 
> which uses ps/tiff input and that works. But I can't find a
> utility to convert OOo .swx files to ps. Any suggestions?
> I've googled my fingers off.

.sxw would be the old Star Office format files so modern tools would
probably work with .odt files which are Open Document Format (ODF). 
Other than opening the files in OOo and printing to a file. which
results in a .ps output, there doesn't seem to be an outside converter.

- Nate >>

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