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Re: Where and how do I install a TTF font?

On 09/03/2007 12:20 PM, Sjoerd Hiemstra wrote:
Nelson A. de Oliveira:
Mumia W..:
See if you can get the barcode font embedded in the PDF file.
The PDF is generated by a third part online system that we use here.
We don't have control over the PDF.
We want to change all machines running Windows to Linux, but the only missing thing is this barcode font on the PDFs. Windows displays them correctly while we couldn't make it works on Linux :-/

I work at a printshop where I have tools to take a closer look at the pdf. It appears that *none* of the fonts are included or embedded. These are: Times New Roman, Times New Roman Bold, Arial, Arial Bold, Arial Bold Italic, Bar25if. So none of these fonts are guaranteed to look like the original on your screen.
Moreover, Bar25if could not be embedded due to "licensing limitations".

This means that the pdf is simply a bad one, and not acceptable! All fonts should be included, so the pdf will display well on a system where these fonts are not installed. That is precisely the purpose of a pdf.

What I could do is to turn all characters into outlines ('vectorize' the characters) so no fonts are needed, and make a new pdf out of this. It's a big one: 4.3 MB, but if you can use it, get it with this command:

    wget http://home.kpnplanet.nl/~shiems@kpnplanet.nl/giap.pdf

I suppose you could also do this with programs like pdfedit and inkscape.

I've learned a lot more about fonts over the last couple of days than I ever wanted to know. And it's all to help someone with a problem that I don't have :-)

I was also able to create a version of giap.pdf with the barcode font rendered into the file. I hope it doesn't violate the distribution restrictions. I actually don't know if the font is rendered or embedded, but I do know what I did to create the new version of the file.

First here is the file: http://home.earthlink.net/~mumia.w.18.spam/giap3.pdf (272K)

I used ghostscript (gs-gpl). I set GS_FONTPATH to the directory in which Bar25if.ttf was located, and then I ran ghostscript with appropriate options:

gs -dSAFER -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -sOutputFile=giap3.pdf giap.pdf

Sjored, please tell me if this was done appropriately (not violating the license). I was hoping to get ghostscript to "vectorize" the barcode glyphs, but I really don't know /what/ ghostscript did.

Xpdf, evince and kpdf all show the barcodes just fine 8-)

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