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Re: can't play Flash anymore

On 9/3/07, steve <sfreilly@roadrunner.com> wrote:
> does it work in firefox?
> and have you tried the below or using automatix?

Automatix has a bad reputation among distribution developers. I don't
know the full story but I suspect it's a lot like the way the Wine
developers despised WineTools. Users, particularly newbies, loved it
because it provided an easy way to install common Windows applications
like Internet Explorer and have them Just Work. The developers hated
it because, among other things, it installed a ton of native DLLs and
was otherwise very invasive. Wine's builtin DLLs have vastly improved
in recent years, and WineTools was masking these improvements and in
some cases causing bugs fixed in the builtin DLLs to persist because
people were using native DLLs.

> sorry, dont have a
> direct answer, dont use x alot on etch.
> debian:/# apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree

I was having a similar problem and I switched to flashplayer-mozilla
from debian-multimedia.org. I don't know if it was the reinstall or
the package switch that did it.

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