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Re: Aptitude behaving strangely

On Fri, 31 Aug 2007 18:46:15 -0400
Wayne Topa <linuxone@intergate.com> wrote:

> Celejar(celejar@gmail.com) is reported to have said:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > My aptitude (uptodate Sid) has been behaving rather strangely lately.  When doing updates, it seems to always hang for long periods of time while displaying the line:
> > 
> > 99% [5 Packages 4308] 
> > 
> > or similar.  No processor, network or HDD usage seems to be occurring.
> > It subsequently generally finishes okay, although I'm not sure it is
> > always completing the update successfully (all packages I have manually
> > checked against p.d.o seem to be at the latest version, but I haven't
> > been very systematic about it).  It also seems to be overall more
> > sluggish and erratic.  I know this is very vague and unhelpful, but I
> > was just wondering if anyone has been seeing anything like this.  I've
> > tried playing with sources.list, but I get similar results no matter
> > which mirror I use (I've only tried a few), and even with apt-get.
> > 
> Yes.  Started yesterday, here. I tried again then morning and it was
> still hanging at 12 PM EST when I finally was able to finish the upgrade.
> Wayne

I don't seem to have it quite as bad as you; my updates often do finish
(I sometimes kill them and just try again) after mysteriously hanging
for a couple of minutes.  Today I did a (possibly) successful one and
pulled in about 64MB of upgrades.

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