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Two Xorg processes?

I have noticed that I have two Xorg processes running, one of which is always stuck at CPU=0.0% but nevertheless shows the same memory usage as the other process.

From top:
 3062 root      15   0  132m  59m 7984 S  0.7  5.9  10:34.47 Xorg
 3140 root      20   0  132m  59m 7984 S  0.0  5.9   0:00.00 Xorg

Is this normal? I am running Sid on AMD64.

Snippet from the pstree output:
$ pstree root
     │     └─kdm───startkde─┬─kwrapper
     │                      ├─seahorse-agent───{seahorse-agent}
     │                      └─ssh-agent

Xorg spawning itself?!


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