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Re: bash vs. python scripts - which one is better?

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On 08/09/07 15:28, Stefan Monnier wrote:
>> Just remember to tell you editor to "inserts spaces as tab" and set
>> the tab width to something reasonable like 4.
> Please don't.  TABs are 8 spaces apart.  Always have been, always will be.

Shows how much you know.  Tab stops have been user-controllable
since the days of manual typewriters, and video terminals didn't
change that.

For example, the DEC VT220 allowed you to change the tab stops, and
make as many as you wanted.  Not sure about the VT100, but wouldn't
be surprised.

So what, you say?  DEC was *extremely* influential in setting
de-facto standards which became de jure standards.

VT100 control codes (which were then adopted by ANSI), and MCS
(which became the foundation of Unicode) spring quickly to mind.

> People playing silly tricks with tab-width is the main reason why using TABs
> in languages like Python is a bad idea.

I do have to agree with you there.

> PS: Also remember that the Python interpreter can't read your .emacs to
>     figure out the width of a TAB you intended.

So, tell your editor to insert spaces instead of ^I.

Minimizing bandwidth was *REALLY* important to teletypes running at
110 baud, but not so fscking important to cable modems and hard
drives where cost is measured in pennies per gigabyte.

>                                                 Haskell defines TABs as
>     being 8 spaces apart and I expect Python to do the same.

Python should do it because Haskell does it??

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