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Re: How to check if a DVD is damaged?

On Sat, 7 Jul 2007 21:30:01 +0000
"Manon Metten" <manon.metten@gmail.com> wrote:

Hello Manon,

> Even if GSpace is discontinued, I can download the uploaded data by
> accessing my gmail account. So, for a secondary backup, apart from
> backups on cd/dvd, it will do for me. And I cannot anticipate on
> Google (dis)continuing gmail etc. For the unlikely case that my house

Not GMail, but they can disable the GSpace plugin, and (possibly) easy
access to files other than mail.  It's those issues that cause me
concern.  It takes away my control of the data.

> burns down and Google discontinuing gmail on the same day ... But then
> again, maybe tonight the ceiling will come down ... (if you know what
> I mean).


Yes, the two things coinciding would be a 1 in a million chance.

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