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lenny comfortable yet?

I ran Etch for about 6 months before it became stable since my new box
required it.  I'm runing amd64.

One of the main reasons for buying a new box was, believe it or not,
that my 486 had difficulty with all the over-graphiced web pages I
needed to access.

Now I'm finding that a lot of the sites I need use flash not just for
decoration but the main content.  Of course, Etch amd64 doesn't have the
wrapper that allows me to use a flash player without using an i386

I'm still trying to get it to work but if I can't, I'm wondering about
just moving up to Lenny.

I know from Etch that testing is not stable.  Things stop working for a
while and then a fix comes down the pipe.  In the mean time, use
something else.  I undertand all that.  However, since this is my main
box, I don't want to find that something happens to kill it requiring a
reinstall or something.  I'm on dialup.

My daily must-haves really are mild: base system, a brower (lynx or
links2), an editor, mutt, exim, fetchmail, and I like mc, and aptitude
(or apt-get or even dselect or plain dpkg in a pinch), along with
ppp/chat.  It wouldn't bother me if anything else stopped working for a
while, but if I loose the ability to dial out, loose email, then I'm in

I know that, just like mutual funds, past performance does not guarantee
future performance, but what has the experience been like for
non-developers over the past couple of months?  Do people think that
Lenny is ready for a desktop run by a knowledgeable user?



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