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Re: Ata controller change device order

Douglas Allan Tutty wrote:
> Assume that drives will be assigned different sd? on each boot (how are
> you getting hd* in Etch?).  
You're not the first to mention that... I don't know, it's a cheap

> The trick is to use either UUIDs or lables
> on the partition.  Lables are shorter than the IDs listed under
> /dev/disk/UUID.  
> For example, using the filesystem tools for your filesystem (JFS,
> Reiserfs, extfs, whatever) label each partition.  E.g. the partition
> that gets mounted as /boot is labled boot.
The labels would be perfect in fstab and etc. But it doesn't seems
to work when I export a partition to Xens domU. But Xen should
support it, so i should find a solution.


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