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Re: Mailing list problems with Thunderbird

On 07/01/2007 08:49 PM, KS wrote:

> Kamaraju's pointed got me curious as I hadn't seen the feature in 2.0.x
> yet. And indeed you are right. The patch was to make sure those
> "extensions" worked properly. Thunderbird/Icedove in itself does not
> have the feature of "Reply-To-List" yet.

I've used thunderbird and icedove forever, and missed that feature
upgrade.  Thanks, guys!  Now there's effectively 'reply to list' with
many fewer steps than before.

I read the list on gmane, and this reply was sent by Ctrl-R, flip
'Newsgroup' to 'To:' and change 'gmane.linux.debian.user' to 'du,' my
alias for debian-user@lists.debian.org.

Thanks Alexander Sack (maintainer), always on the ball!


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