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Re: Mailing list problems with Thunderbird

Sam Leon wrote:

Kamaraju S Kusumanchi wrote:
Sam Leon wrote:

Ok, I have had this problem for awhile and I can't find any info on it.
I am using thunderbird 1.5 in testing.  All the other mailing lists that
I have subscribed to work fine.  When I see a post that I want to
respond to, I simply click the Reply button and it will bring up a new
box with the message and the "To" field will be set to the correct
mailing list.

However with all the debian lists, if I click reply, it will open a new
box and the "To" field will be set to the user that sent the message and
not the debian list.  I will have to delete the users name, and then
manually type in the correct list.  Sometimes using "Reply to all" will
kinda work.  The original user will be in the "To" field and the list
will be in the "CC" field, sometimes but not always.

According to
the replytolist feature is introduced since icedove onwards. What
is your version of thunderbird or icedove?

Kamaraju's pointed got me curious as I hadn't seen the feature in 2.0.x yet. And indeed you are right. The patch was to make sure those "extensions" worked properly. Thunderbird/Icedove in itself does not have the feature of "Reply-To-List" yet.


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