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Re: console keymap and console-setup

On 2007-05-31, Florian Kulzer <florian.kulzer+debian@icfo.es> wrote:
> I think that in the end console-setup uses the definitions in
> /etc/default/console-setup, which have a syntax similar to the keyboard
> section in xorg.conf, e.g.
> XKBVARIANT="nodeadkeys"
> XKBOPTIONS="lv3:ralt_switch"
> Can you achieve your custom keyboard layout like that? (The above works
> for me, but I never tried any fancy stuff with console-setup's keyboard
> layouts.)

The documentation for console-setup is very sketchy, and basically
just says use the same options you use for your xorg.conf. Well, I've
done that, and it still doesn't work. This is very frustrating.

Thanks for your suggestions though!


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