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Re: xterm fonts

On 5/24/07, Mumia W.. <paduille.4061.mumia.w+nospam@earthlink.net> wrote:

I think the power failure damaged your O/S installation.

Nah, everything was fine afte rthe failure. I'm usign ext3 too. And I
ran fsck. From one of my very earlier posts, note that I was already
purging fluxbox but reinstall did not seem to give me any menus at
all. After the power failure, which rebooted the machine, the
reinstall made the flux menus work atleast.

If I were you, I'd switch to runlevel one, remount my partition(s)
read-only and perform disk checking with fsck.

That was done already so you and me are equal and so $?=0 :-)

What distribution are you using? What platform? What filesystem type
(e.g. ext2, reiserfs, xfs)?

Debian Etch Stable on i386 (Intel P IV) with ext3

I use ext3, and the only times I've lost data is when I've deleted files
prematurely :-)

FWIW, I just installed fluxbox, and it functions normally (four
workspaces, normal menus).

The problem isn't with fluxbox it seems but somehow even purging
fluxbox, along with the ~/.fluxbox directory and even the
/var/cache/apt/archives/flux*, somewhere the goofed up flux config
stays. Wierdly!


P.S.: Can someone paste somewhere the default fluxbox config and
provide a link in a reply post here?

Please don't Cc: me, I'm subscribed to the list.

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