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xterm fonts

I installed a minimal X sysetm with fluxbox and xterm and two other
terminal emulators: eterm and mrxvt. But all three of them give very
small fonts. WIth xterm, I was able to get a reasonable font with the
HUGE option in the right-click menu but I need bigger fonts. How do
you exactly specify bigger fonts with xterm? I am aware it's possible
with -f or -fn option but what comes after that? Say I wan a 10x20
font? it doesn't work just by typing -f 10x20

And how do you incorporate the custom xterm options in the default
fluxbox menu? Is there something to edit the menu commands?

Also how to use the dektop icons that DSL is able to use with fluxbox?
I already installed fbdesk but it seems of no use at all or is it


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