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Re: replacing /usr with a new mountpoint

On Thu, May 03, 2007 at 12:15:06AM +0200, Martin Marcher wrote:
> my setup is in a 30GB partition with LVM on top.
> / 1GB
> /home 3GB
> and a few other non standard mountpoints
> ok i found that although this is just some minimal system for testing
> the / partition is to small (more precise /usr is eating up too much
> space)
> so I set up a new LV for /usr rsynced mounted and modified fstab to
> fit the changes.
> of course I'd like to regain the space that the /usr directory on the
> / partition uses. Could I just "telinit 1" umount the /usr mountpoint
> empty out the /usr directory remount again and telinit 3 back to
> normal?

Somewhere in the debian documentation is a warning that after going to
single-user mode a return to multi-user is not guaranteed to work.

Reboot into single user (with the -s option if there isn't a grub menu
item already) so that you know noting under /usr is being used, mv /usr
to /oldusr, fix fstab so that the new usr mounts on /usr, then shutdown
-r.  Of course be careful not to use any binaries that reside under
/usr.  Stick wit straight bash and other stuff under /bin.  Use the full
path to make sure.

On reboot everything should be up and runing.  Verify this, then just
rm -rf /oldusr (or for a more graphical view for safety, run mc).

Of course, you can do all this under a live CD.  I've only recently
acquired a computer that can even run a live CD so I never feel the

And of course ensure that you have good backups before you start.

Good luck,


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