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Re: replacing /usr with a new mountpoint

Martin Marcher wrote:

my setup is in a 30GB partition with LVM on top.

now i had something like the following initially set up

/ 1GB
/home 3GB
and a few other non standard mountpoints

ok i found that although this is just some minimal system for testing
the / partition is to small (more precise /usr is eating up too much

so I set up a new LV for /usr rsynced mounted and modified fstab to
fit the changes.

of course I'd like to regain the space that the /usr directory on the
/ partition uses. Could I just "telinit 1" umount the /usr mountpoint
empty out the /usr directory remount again and telinit 3 back to

thanks for the help

I'd suggest booting from a rescue or live CD, mount your system disk root on /mnt and delete contents of /mnt/usr.

On reboot, all should be well.

There's no guarantee that going down to state 1 will in fact kill off every process that has something open in the /usr directory. In theory, it should, and what you suggest should work, but I've seen a number of cases where this doesn't happen, completely.

Besides, there are a lot of programs in /usr/bin that could turn out to be useful, and using the CD will provide them.


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