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Re: Migrating system to new PC

On Wed, May 02, 2007 at 11:01:01PM +0100, Wackojacko wrote:
> Fernando Cacciola wrote:
> >Hi people,
> >
> >I have Etch happyly installed, on its own hard disk, in a Pentium 4 
> >with this and that hardware.
> >
> >I just bought a brand new Intel Core Duo 2 based PC.
> >
> >Given that I can just plug the debian HD into the new system, what's 
> >the best way to move my Etch to the new PC?
> >
> >I suppose it's not as easy to just boot it up there, as most modules 
> >would mismatch.
> If you have a debian stock kernel installed it should just work, by that 
> I mean at least boot.

unless the initrd for some reason doesn't contain the proper
modules. You could insure this by reviewing the configuration for your
initrd builder (there are several now) to include ALL modules. That
might make for a big initrd, but would get you booted up. You could
then reconfigure that initrd to the new system later. 

another option would be to move the disk and boot a live-cd first,
then chroot into the system and rebuild the initrd. you could also
then fix up any mountpoints that might change as well. 


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