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Re: Netgear WPN311 Wireless G problems

On Tue, Apr 10, 2007 at 19:41:22 -0400, Grok Mogger wrote:
>  Florian Kulzer wrote:

[ short summary: The card is recognized as ath0 with wireless extensions,
  but it does not associate with any access point, lists "Signal level:
  0/94". This is on Ubuntu Edgy. ]


>  When I try to scan, I always get no results.  The irritating thing is that 
>  at one time I just magically started getting results.  I picked up all three 
>  nearby wireless networks in my area.  I still could not connect to anything, 
>  and one of the three is even wide open, completely unencrypted.  In the 
>  course of messing with things in an attempt to connect to something, I am 
>  back to where I started.  If I do a "sudo iwlist ath0 scan" or a "sudo 
>  wlanconfig ath0 list scan", I get nothing.  (I'm typing the output by hand 
>  obviously, but this is exactly what it says)
>  $ sudo iwlist ath0 scan
>  ath0	No scan results

This might just mean that the access points in your area have too weak a
signal to work. Do you remember what signal level was listed when you
did see the access points? Weak signals from far-away access points
would result in exactly the behavior that you describe: Access points
drifting in and out, no association possible even if your wireless card
works correctly. If we are talking about a laptop it might help to walk
around in your apartment a bit or to just take it to an internet café.
It will be very difficult to track down the issue if you are not certain
that you have a strong and reliable access point nearby. Ideally this
should be your own access point, of course...

>  $ sudo wlanconfig ath0 list scan
>  $ [Nothing appears here, just a prompt]

I don't know this command, so I cannot comment on that.

>  If I do a "sudo iwconfig ath0 essid "GrokMogger" ", then I see no output, 
>  but then a "sudo iwconfig" shows me that my ESSID on ath0 is indeed now 
>  "GrokMogger".

100% the expected behavior.

>  I just did a "dmesg | egrep 'ath0|madwifi' " and the output was just one 
>  line.
>  "[   83.523316] ath0: no IPv6 routers present"

No error messages at least. I would have expected to see a few more
lines, but maybe this is normal for madwifi-driven cards.

>  I'm still reading like a fiend and trying things on my own, but this is my 
>  third day working on this and I still have not made any progress.  (That I 
>  didn't somehow ruin later)  So I really appreciate the help.  =)  This is 
>  obviously way over my head.

It may also be over my head since I have no specific knowledge of your
type of card or the wifi-related peculiarities of Ubuntu. At the moment
it looks to me like your card might very well be working as it should.
You need to find a reliable access point at close range to determine if
the scanning works.


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