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Re: "I do consider Ubuntu to be Debian" , Ian Murdock

On Thu, Mar 22, 2007 at 06:34:20AM -0400, Michael Pobega wrote:

> I didn't mean "seemed" in a way that I didn't know. I actually went to
> the forums everyday, and there WAS at least three topics about
> dist-upgrades breaking going from Dapper to Edgy, or Edgy to Feisty.
> Dist-upgrades to break here, but we hear about them maybe once a week.
> I am 100% SURE that Ubuntu's dist-upgrade breaks more often than
> Debian's, and I am certain that the number is 75% or so (Give or take
> a bit, 75% is an estimation, not a number written into stone).

You're "SURE" but you have no actual data, is the problem.
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