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Re: "I do consider Ubuntu to be Debian" , Ian Murdock

On Mon, Mar 19, 2007 at 12:44:38PM -0400, H.S. wrote:
> Just saw this in the following piece:
> http://www.linuxformat.co.uk/murdockint.html
> "Ubuntu has certainly raised the bar. They have had a tremendous impact 
> on the number of people worldwide using Debian (I do consider Ubuntu to 
> be Debian). ..."
> ->HS

Funny, I just read this twenty minutes ago.

I think Ian is somewhat right, most people who use Ubuntu (Not to
insult them) are teenagers who want to use Linux in the same way "hip"
people use Macs. Not to say that all people who use Ubuntu are like
that, but a good majority are.

And for the people who actually want to use Linux, they will
eventually move from Ubuntu to Debian. That is how I found my way
here, since my vendor (System76) ships with Ubuntu by default. I spent
three months in Ubuntu learning how to use and configure my system,
and after three months I felt ready to switch to Debian. I think that
is what Ian meant by "[Ubuntu has] a tremendous impact on the number
of people [...] using Debian".

I'll be looking forward to April's LFX, sucks that I live in America
so I have to wait an extra month or so to get the magazine.

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