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Re: Browser identification to websites

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Wayne Topa wrote:
> Joe Hart(j.hart@orange.nl) is reported to have said:
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> <<snip>>  Hint Joe
>> It is interesting though.  It seems that the change from Firefox to
>> Iceweasel caused a lot more problems than some people think.
> By that do you mean I am not the only one that finds that urlview
> doesn't work in Iceweasel, Iceweasel randomly crashes while loading
> addons....etc.
> After all the claims that Iceweasel=Firefox with just a name change.
> I never had those problems with Firefox.
> Then again this testing partition seems to be doing a lot of strange
> things that I can't find bug reports on.  Maybe I just need a clean
> install on it.  On a 2.4k dialup that does not make me feel warm and
> fuzzy.
> Wayne

I think we've been through the whole iceweasel == || != firefox issue
before.  I understand the reasoning behind the name change, and I
understand both sides of the issue.  What I don't understand is why it
has to have such a large impact on us, the users.

After all the problems I have been having with IceWeasel, I have started
using Konqeror more and more.  Unfortunately, some web sites don't work
so well with it.  Then again, some don't work for anything but IE.

I just saw that Mozilla just released for a security patch.  I
wonder how long before we'll get Iceweasel

Hopefully the transition is complete enough that we won't run into
things like losing our profiles or having 2 tabs open when we click on
something.  These issues are fixed in iceweasel_2.0.0.2+dfsg-3; I'm
curious as to what iceweasel_2.0.0.3+dfsg-1 will bring us.


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