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Re: A Republican!!!!!! (was Re: OT: sponge burning!)

Ron Johnson wrote:
> On 02/27/07 17:49, Paul Johnson wrote:
> > Ron Johnson wrote:
> >> The vast stupidity of that question is beyond scope.
> > It's not stupid if you haven't been there.
> I thought you were smarter than that.
> Presuming you're not:
> Mountains and valleys (great for filling up with dammed water) are
> the predominant geological feature of the areas of the Columbia and
> Snake rivers where those hydro dams are located.
> Mountains and valleys are *not* the predominant geological feature
> of the Great Plains states, or those uber-mountainous states like
> Louisiana and Mississippi.

So "ignorance" of geology in an area you've never visited is equivalent
to "vast stupidity"?


Kent West
Westing Peacefully <http://kentwest.blogspot.com>

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