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Re: A Republican!!!!!! (was Re: OT: sponge burning!)

Ron Johnson wrote:
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On 02/25/07 23:53, Wulfy wrote:
Ron Johnson wrote:
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              but then again, storing it in underground bunkers for
thousands of years doesn't appear to be a much better solution.
Sure it does.
Oh, yeah.  Leave it for later generation to clean up...  very much better.

Except, when it's sealed in a mountain, later generation won't see it...
I'll have to take your word for the baselessness of those sites I reference... after all, I don't live there, so it *should* only peripherally affect me.

As for the quote above, yes, they won't see it.. unless they start mining, or there's an earthquake or erosion... no-one can guarantee that that won't happen. Especially with the climate changes that are happening.

And no, I'm not suggesting that any other form of power generation is "better", they all have problems, but blatant "this is safe" arguments are... short-sighted.



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