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Re: Debian Installation on a cybercafe PC

Firstly, the cybercafe guy knows me well and I installed and
configuerd a debian firewall for him so he's quite friendly with me

Secondly, I haven't yet seen a PC bogged up due to installing or
uninstalling Linux. Does that happen? And how many such cases exist?

Thanks again to the guys above who gave the Linux Puppy link and about
the usb stick Linux - which distro goes in to a USB stick?


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On 2/27/07, Matthew K Poer <matthewpoer@gmail.com> wrote:

I gotta tell you guys, I wouldn't install/alter an OS on a PC that
wasn't mine. You're asking for trouble if something goes wrong.

I'm not saying you couldn't do this and get away with it, but the
dreadful *what if* something went wrong and you couldn't restore
Windows? Would the shop hold you accountable? An uppity clerk who didn't
understand that Windows was still there, just couldn't accessed, might
get angry. It's probably the worst case scenerio, but why risk it?

Instead of fully installing Debian on the machine, why not just boot
Knoppix or (my fav.) DSL? It's quick, it doesn't touch Windows at all,
no one will every possibly know it was there once you reboot.
Matthew K Poer

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