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Re: OT: sponge burning!

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On 02/26/07 16:00, Steve Lamb wrote:
> Ron Johnson wrote:
>> Ask a pro-lifer whether she'd euthanize a pregnant cat.
>> Then you'll know when she *really* thinks life begins.
>     They'll hedge it by saying that a cat is not human.
>     No, the real question is how many pro-lifers have ever gotten artificial
> insemination to help the ol' baby factory along?  Then there's no willy-nilly
> about it.  ;)
>     Never quite understood why when a woman gets pregnant it's God's will and
> we shouldn't mess with it but when the man or woman are incapable of bearing
> child they turn to science to fix God's will that they not have children...

That's a trivially easy one: God gave us brains; it's God's will
that we use those brains to bring forth new life.

The bigger question is why a (not-just-nominally) Christian couple
would go thru all that expense instead of adopting a child,
especially one who's older, or minority or special needs.

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