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OT: Religious flame-war [Was: News Flash]

Steve Lamb wrote:
> But hey, if you want to talk about his Genealogy I have a question, where did Cain's wife come from?  Just asking.
He married a sister. No problem with that, if one takes the Genesis
record at face-value. Early on, there was not genetic load that would
cause problems with close-relations. It wasn't until several thousand
years later that the prohibition of incest was put into place. (You'll
notice that after the Flood, lifespans took a major nosedive over the
next half-millennium, indicating a severe build-up of a damage in the
human gene-line, most likely triggered by major environmental changes
brought on by the Flood.)

>> Again, read the scriptures before you spout off about things and look
>> foolish in front of everyone.
>     Please, you read them.  Most people who admonish others to read them have
> not themselves read most of them.

At this point, it would seem the thread has degenerated into "nyaa nyaa".
>     What I believe is irrelevant.  What *you* believe is because you are the
> one that said if the Bible says it, you believe it.  The bible says to kill
> those who break the sabbath.  So, again, how many have you killed today.
I think perhaps your understanding of the Bible is a bit flawed.

That law to observe the Sabbath (and to kill non-observers) was a
national law, given to the nation of Israel.

Your misunderstanding is understandable, since many Christians seem to
think (and tell their cultures) that the 10 Commandments is something
that applies to all people. Nope; it was a law for the Israelites. Not
for the Germans, or the Medes, or the Swedes, or the Hottentots, etc etc
etc. (Many Christians also believe that Sunday is the "Christian
Sabbath" -- that concept is also un-Biblical.)


Now if you really want to get into a religious flame-war, lets talk
about vi vs emacs. I personally hate vi (but then, I never really
learned it). On the other hand, I think I've fired up emacs once, and
was totally befuddled. So I reckon perhaps that makes me a vi-emacs

Kent West
Westing Peacefully <http://kentwest.blogspot.com>

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