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Re: New box

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KS wrote:

>> For better performance (mainly copying from the CD to the DVD or vice
>> versa) IMO you're better off using the CD to the slave of the HD.
>> Joe
> Wouldn't that tend to cause problems when when writing data from HDD to
> CD and also accessing the hard disk with some other programs he is
> running at that time?

Thanks for putting this back on the list... you don't need to send mail
to me, as I read the list.

As for the issue at hand, I seem to be out voted. It seems that the
majority of people say to put it as a slave to the DVD.  I learned
differently, but that was many years ago when the controllers and the
speed of the drives weren't nearly as advanced as they are now.

As for your point, what difference would that make?  What if you hook a
hard drive as slave?  You'd have the same issue with the data traveling
on both the master and the slave.  The design is such that the data
should just pass through.

Needless to say, it probably doesn't matter which drive it's hooked up
to, and it _is_ off topic.

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