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New box

I know this is OT, but I am running Debian Etch  -
I picked up a new computer last light - 2.4 ghz with a dual core processor....put my hd from my old machine in it...and WOW! I thought Etch was fast before on my 450mhz P3.

This however is just the lead in to a question I am hoping the gurus here can answer.The computer came with an LG DVD player - but I'd like to install my CD burner in as well. Etch recognizes the DVD drive as /dev/hdd. Question is [OT alert] should I make the CD burner the slave to the DVD, or should I make it the slave to the HD? The Intel board only has two IDE connectors or is there a better way ?? Sorry guys definitely OT for this list.


---Frank McCormick---

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